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My deviantART Story

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 4:25 AM

My first years

I knew of deviantART's existence at least a year or so before I joined. I was hesitant because one of my classmates mentioned that it only took digital art and I thought "Wow, that's a little unfair. I wish I could make digital art..." I ended up joining the ranks in 2006; I had just gotten surgery done and one of my online friends suggested I try it out.

Alucard by Executor-Haruko
One of the first pieces I submitted was fanart of Alucard from Hellsing; this wasn't until later in the year. My mother proudly displays this over her desk in her office!

Stepping into the Digital World

It probably wasn't until late 2006 or early 2007 before I stepped into the realm of using Photoshop for painting. Now, what does this have to do with deviantART? I was searching up the art here and thought again that it would be amazing if I could do it too. Then, I found a Photoshop tutorial here, which is sadly no longer available, that showed me how to scan in my own lineart and paint it in Photoshop. Along with watching my mother work, I was able to teach myself the basic ropes of Photoshop and various effects that made everything I did outstanding! Although, at the time, I was still eyeballing professional artists' work.
And They All Fall Like Rain by Executor-Haruko
This was one of my first digital pieces. I eyeballed a page in my Gungrave art book, scanned my line work, and tested the waters of Photoshop. The red dots are an accident that I kept that coincide with the title: And They All Fall Like Rain. They are nothing more than dust on the scanner glass! Believe it or not, at that point I was against drawing guns and did not draw Grave's gun in the picture!

Rise of Arcane Insurrection

Although this project is still heavily under production, deviantART also inspired me to begin the production of my crew's project, Arcane Insurrection. Though, I am a bit embarrassed to admit that one of the main characters is actually a complete gutting and redesign of a fan character I created in high school for a horrible fan comic that I am still attempting to remove from existence!
VERY OLD Miyoko Pic by Executor-HarukoShall We Dance? by Executor-Haruko
To the left is Arcane Insurrection's main medic's, Miyoko, initial redesign. The middle is her second redesign. Unfortunately, I do not have her current design available.
Check us out at SaikoNeko, I try to post updates to the characters but work makes it hard to keep up with things!


Alai: Generic Anime Pose by Executor-Haruko
Arcane Insurrection's Alai Schatten. He is, by far, the most difficult one I've had to design. The red cord, signifying that he is a high ranking leader of the Insurrection, was actually inspired by my old NJROTC Color Guard Commander cord.

DeviantART has had a major impact on my life. It was through here that I kept in touch with my artsy friends, made new friends, and created connections with the most inspirational and outstanding people I could find. It helped me create my personal definition of art: to express your feelings, to tell a story, to make someone in this world smile because of the little things you create. It doesn't matter how "good" people think you are, what really matters is the impact you leave on others through your art. Although, it is good to improve your style, so never stop improving!

In Closing

Although there are so many things I could say about deviantART, I wouldn't want to bore everyone to death!
What I miss most, though, is seeing the new beautiful pieces that the people I watch would post; so many of my friends and contacts have left deviantART and it really makes me sad. But, what really draws me towards deviantART every day is not a portfolio or getting watches and favorites, it's the fact that I can post what I want, draw what I want, and no one will ridicule me over it. The atmosphere given by the art teachers in my school was always: draw realism, comic and anime art is not art! No muscle men! No fighters! Stop drawing that Pikachu!
There is none of that here. It's simply not allowed. That is what keeps me here. Everyone accepts each others' individuality, our likes, our dislikes, our obsessions, our passions...
Though, I have nothing against realism, that is a form of art I do not like drawing. I've become so rusty that I probably couldn't draw it as well as I used to.
This Silent Sacrifice by Executor-Haruko
Genesis Rhapsodos, Dirge of Cerberus version, with the pose inspired by a Gackt album cover.

So, my fellow deviants, let's create art together! Let's continue making deviantART the place for the deviant artists of society!

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak
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